one year ago today I bought my house.
and one year ago today I had a not so fun breakup.
but today I am able to look at how God has truly blessed me over the past year.
He picked me up and put all the little pieces of my broken heart back together.
and He continues to remind me that He will do it again if He has to.
because He loves me.

He has given me so much grace
and I don't understand how I am worthy to be His child.
but I am.

and I love to share.
grace in Aramaic - the language Jesus spoke.

justice is getting what you deserve.
mercy is not getting what you deserve.
and grace is getting what you absolutely don't deserve.
- cathleen falsani

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  1. Hey. :) Question for you: this summer you're building a library, yes? Well, do you need books to stock it? I've been looking for a reason to collect books for Africa. Could you use them? Let's chat about it. :) mccallald@yahoo.com