take a trip downstairs...
the order of this tour doesn't make any sense. in fact, you are probably very confused with the layout of my house. but what is going on is that these are the only presentable rooms right now that don't take that much effort to move things out of the way! easy peasy.

what in the world is going on with the colors in this room? baby blue, sage green. and a towel bar that's a foot too high and a foot too far from the sink. the cabinets needed some TLC, the mirror had to go, and unfortunately I didn't get the stylish gold tulip lights in. oh well.

the fluorescent bulbs make it difficult to see the shape of the lights...they are horizontal rectangles. I love them. white light plates -- yay! paint on the cabinets - double yay! beadboard to cover up the icky green -- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. one day I will replace the countertop and sink. the last place I rented had a vessel sink and I fell in love. I thought the collage effect would help present the pictures side-by-side, but instead it made it into miniature pictures for ants. pinky promise not to do that again.

mirror: kirkland's - $20!
light fixture: lowes
double light plate: target
drawer pulls: target
hurricane glass: target
toilet paper stand: home goods
coral: home goods
adorable wall art: etsy
cabinet paint: French Roast by Behr
paint on walls: Woodlawn Blue by Benjamin Moore

just so we're clear, the Benjamin Moore paint is just the color. I stood in Ace Hardware for 2 hours picking out paint colors & I couldn't get myself to spend the crazy cost of BM paint. I took it to Lowes and got them to match all of my swatches, and they did a phenomenal job! I used the Behr brand for all of it.

the light has also done something funky with the color. it looks almost aqua in the pictures, but it's more of a gray-blue.

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