squeaky clean.

i love, love love mrs. meyer's liquid hand soap.
i picked up a new scent to try yesterday, and i'm even more in love.

meet basil:

this stuff smells incredible.
it's their newest scent and has scents of basil, apricot leaves, parsley, and eucalyptus.
the best part is, it's all natural!
it's made from aloe vera gel, olive oil, glycerin, and a yummy blend
of essential oils.
it's biodegradable, paraben and phosphate-free,
and never tested on any relatives of your super cute furry family members
y'all know i love to share.


  1. I have that same soap in my house and LOVE it! I also have the yellow one; I'm guessing it's lemon, but I'm too lazy to get up and check.

  2. Yes - I have Lemon Verbena too! What a yummy scent. I have Lavender too. Basil is hands-down my number 1!