reason #146 that i'm a geek.

order of events:
i needed buttermilk.
i saw a carton of buttermilk at the grocery store.
picked up said buttermilk for $0.79.
saw glass bottle of buttermilk.
imagined all the beautiful things i could make with said glass bottle.
picked up $2.49 bottle.
put back $0.79 carton.
looked at top.
awesome: local buttermilk from hillsborough, nc,
where every cow has a name!
true story.  that makes my heart happy.
go to check out.
rung up buttermilk.
maple view farm buttermilk.......$2.49
bottle charge....................................$1.50
"um...sir?... bottle charge?"
[yes, mom, you raised quite the grammatically correct daughter.
at least i said sir.]
"yes, ma'am.  when you bring the bottle back they refund you."
"what if i wanna keep the bottle?"
"seems like a waste of money to me."
"sir, i dare you to get lost in bottle wonderland."
jk. should've.  didn't. 
i'm pretty sure he was already convinced that i was a weirdo.

so then i go home and take pictures of said bottled buttermilk.
so, technically that is reason #146 and #147 that i am a geek.
got flair, don't care.

what a beaut.

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