what's in a dream?

i'm studying joseph & what a crazy dreamer he was.
he was a bold dude.
he had dreams about how he was going to rule over his brothers and family.
they loved it so much, they sold him as a slave to some Midianites.
he becomes a slave to potiphar, and potiphar's wife tries to seduce him.
she catches him by his cloak & he runs right out of it!
what a temptress.
so then she tells everyone that he came to "make sport of her".
biblical words are so funny.
is it really a sport?
are there really games/competitions that i'm unaware of?
i digress.
anyway, she lies and gets him thrown in jail.

so a cupbearer and a baker offend their master, pharaoh.
they get thrown in the same jail as joseph.
they say to joe one morning, 
"we both had dreams, but there is no one to interpret them." 
then he says, "do not interpretations belong to God?  tell me your dreams." 
[genesis 40:8]

the cupbearer tells a dream about a vine with three branches
that eventually budded into grapes.
pharoah's cup was in his hand and he squeezed them into pharaoh's cup
and placed it in his hand.

joe tells him that the three branches are three days.
within three days, pharaoh will lift the cupbearers head and restore
him to his position, and he will then put his cup in his hand.

the baker tells a dream about holding three baskets of bread on his head.
in the top basket were all kinds of baked goods for pharaoh,
but the birds were eating them out of the basket.

joe tells him that the three baskets are three days.
within three days, pharaoh will lift his head and hang him on a tree.
and the birds will eat away your flesh.

if i were him, i'd be saying,
"no thanks, i think i'll stay in jail!"

what if you were either of these men? 
i wouldn't want to hear about the baker's fate, or be the baker.
the cupbearer was probably so relieved, and the baker hoped his fate was similar,
only to hear that he was going to die!

in three days, sure enough, their dreams/nightmares? come true.

so i decided to give myself a little homework assignment.  
i wrote down my dream[s] when i woke up this morning.
i had two and they're weird.

first dream
i'm at a party, and tons of people are there.
mom and dad appear several times, so i'm not entirely alone.
there were these bees flying all around me.
in my socks, in my face, everywhere.
and one little bugger would not go away.
he flew and flew and flew around me.
i was on my way upstairs to shower to try to get them off of me.
on my way, i stopped to clean a toilet.
[yes, you heard that right, i'm cleaning toilets in my dream]
dad was looking over my shoulder and trying to give me good advice about something.
mom came by and was doing the same.

wake up at 2:45 am and don't fall back asleep until 5.

dad used to make me mow the lawn when i was younger.
but right before he would instruct me to do so,
he'd tell me about the yellow jacket nest he ran over the last time he was out there.
i don't know if y'all know, but those suckers have pheromones.
so if you kill one, they send a little signal out for their buddies to come sting you.
that's a cool camaraderie, but ouch it hurts.

so i'd say, "dad, thats a boy job, i'd rather do a girl job.  my spiritual gift is vacuuming."
but dad didn't have boys.  dad had three girls.  and he probably didn't want to get stung that day.  so the next thing i'd say was, "cool dad, i'll get right out there."
and then i would pray the entire time i was out there mowing.

clearly i survived. but not without a good, solid fight!
they always knew i'd push the limits.
but it made them stronger as parents.
so, you're welcome, and i love you!
and now they love me the most out of all three girls.
just kidding [sorta].
i threw that in there because i know those two sistercats read this.

second dream
some super nice people that i had never seen before 
were helping me pack up my house.
there was lots and lots of trash [that i definitely don't have].
and then i got into a van with some of my bible study girls
and we were driving to get cupcakes.
britt nicole was going to meet us there.
then i went into a room with all of my coworkers and jumped on a conference call
while they were all right in front of me.

buzz buzz.  wake up at 6:30.

who knows.
but at least it's fun to write them down.
one day i might be able to connect them with something.

God wants to do more in our lives than we could ever imagine. 
so whatever you dream, 
dream big.

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