thoughtful thursday.

this reminds me of the nightmare i had a few days ago.
i woke up at midnight scared to death.
i was in a house and people showed up late at night and were trying to get in.
i didn't know who they were.
i didn't know what they wanted.
and they were going to each and every door,
 so i couldn't escape.
it was starting to remind me of Taken.
that movie was so good,
but my heart was racing the entire time!

after waking up, i was too afraid to go back to sleep.
i checked email, did some online shopping, 
anything to get my mind off of that crazy dream.
i knew if i fell back asleep right away,
the dream would continue, 
and i'd be trapped again.

then i thought, "so what?"
so what if that dream was real.
so what if i was taken.
so what if my time on earth was cut short.
in the end, i'd be sittin' pretty with my Savior.
and I'd be giving Him a huge hug.
and thanking him for saving me from that nightmare.

as children of God,
we do not belong to the dark.
we belong to everything that He touches with His light.

proverbs 3:24 says, 
"when you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down,
your sleep will be sweet."

Satan was robbing me of my sleep because he knows 
i have enough trouble with it.

but regardless of the nightmares that i face while i'm asleep or awake,
i can rest in God's promise that i do not have to be afraid.
He is facing those scary dreams with me.

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