thoughtful thursday.

let me tell you...i'm pretty scared.
for as long as i can remember,
i've wanted to be a nurse.
the courses i took in college prepared me for that path.
i had all the prerequisites under my belt.
i didn't get my nursing degree with my first bachelor's
because i wanted to explore the world.
i did a student exchange program in hawaii,
where i paid their in-state tuition for a semester.
it was incredible.
so i majored in biology,
and applied to one accelerated nursing program
that would start two weeks upon graduating.
i got in.

but i only applied to that one out-of-state school
because it was in the same area as my boyfriend's job.
the boyfriend that i had a roller coaster-relationship with my senior year.
the boyfriend that when my best friend asked, "what are your intentions with my best friend?" (i know, awesome)
replied, "i'm just here for the summer to have a good time."
and i looked past it and still tried to make it work.

with a family accident, and me pushing to finish on time,
i didn't think i could take a two week break and start again.
the directors were awesome - they told me they could defer me for a year.
save my spot!
so i moved to virginia and started a job at a doctor's office.
a month later, my heart was torn in two.
he and i weren't going to go the distance.
i was in virginia, alone, and not following the only dreams i'd ever known.
i packed my bags up, and was back home a month later.

i landed a great job, which was "unheard of" upon just graduating.
one that "everyone would kill for".
i loved it for about 6 months.
there were peaks and valleys, 
but the relationships were what kept me going.
four years later, 
i applied to school again.
after coming back from Africa, i knew that i needed to make a move.
why was i wasting the desire that God gave me?

this january, i start nursing school!
in a city i've only spent the day in.
i put my house up for sale on zillow,
and the next day i had a knock on my door.
it was under contract three days later.
i had an interview with the hospital there,
and they selected me to have my tuition funded.
while crying last week i said, "are you sure this is what you want me to do, God?"
i heard back, "of course I'm sure, look at how i've lined everything up for you."
He has made it so clear that this is where He wants me to be.
so i quit my job, i sold my house, 
and i'm leaving everything i've ever known
to be everything i've ever dreamed.

and it didn't start to get scary until now.
because it's finally getting close, and it's finally starting to feel real.
but the journey is worth the destination.
and i am going to follow my dreams.

psalm 37:4 says, "delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart."

his promises are so true, and so great.


  1. so happy for you, girl. can't wait to have you here.

  2. I'm so excited to see you START this amazing journey that will fill your heart with joy and a passion to help the helpless.

    You can do it little sis