thoughtful thursday.

i saw this card and immediately fell in love with it.
how true is this?

so i think about my savior.
i think about how in love with Him i am...
and i wonder if all things listed are true and apparent in my life.
my love for Him seizes my imagination.
my love for Him should affect everything.
we are most satisfied when He is most glorified.
am i doing my absolute best with this?
my love for Him helps get me out of bed in the morning...
some are harder than others to get up and move.
i could probably do better.
how i spend my weekends...
what is the going out staying out all for, anyway?
nothing good ever happens after 11pm. 
[unless it's NYE - you kiss.]
it's a fact.
next time you're out that late, you'll agree.
what i read...
lately i've been reading TrueFaced.
this book is amazing.
like can'tputitdown amazing.
my sweet friend, jamie, gave it to me.
who i know.
i think that His love makes me want to know more people.
it makes me want to shine light in the darkness.
what breaks my heart...
there's a song by hillsong united called "hosanna" that sings,
"open up my eyes to the things unseen
show me how to love like you have loved me
break my heart for what breaks yours..."
what breaks his heart?
those who are hurt, lost, abandoned, sick, scared, homeless, widowed, etc.
am i loving all of those people like He would?
am i taking full advantage of every opportunity to love them?
what amazes you...
He does amaze me.
and continues to do so.
and i know He's not finished!
so the last line should read this:
fall in love with Jesus , stay in love with Jesus, and it will decide everything.

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