thoughtful thursday.


i dislike running.  mostly because i am not good at it.  i used to run, but  s l o w l y  i tapered off.  school, work, life, etc.  i was fine walking with olive.  she sniffed around and kept a look out for the squirrels, i people-watched.  everyone was happy.  it wasn't until recently that i ran into a problem: almost all of my friends run.  i want to be like hang out/run with them.  i decided that once the deathly-hot summer passed, i would start up and get moving.

but on monday, i felt a little nudge.  why was i waiting?  i just kept putting it off.  because i hated it.  maybe because i was hoping that my brain would forget about it.  walking was easy.  running took dedication, commitment, and my inhaler.  i already had several serious commitments, one more was just too many.  but, it was time to get serious.  after reading reviews, i downloaded the 5K runner and the nike apps:

i opened the nike app first, then the 5k runner, then pandora, then i grabbed my trusty walking partner and told her we had big, new plans for the day.  little did she know that she, too, would be training for a 5k!

the nike app is great - it has a built-in GPS that tracks where you go.  it also lets you know when you've reached a mile, two miles, etc.  it has a lot of other great features, too!  the 5k runner talks you through everything:  begin with a 5 minute walk.  ding - start running!  ding - slow down and walk [over and over].   it breaks it down into 8 weeks, and recommends not trying to speed through the program.  each week is broken down into 3 days with the recommendation of a break in between each day.  so not only did i have my best 4-legged-friend with me, but i also had a girl [nike] and a boy [5k] with me to encourage me!

during the run, i earned a new role of "coach".  olive started to lag behind after run interval three, and i gently tugged her and told her how good she was being and to keep it up!  we have completed two days already this week, and overall i think we thoroughly enjoy it!  yes, i speak for the whole house, because this is the aftermath: 

immediately after [gosh, she is so pretty!]

 ten minutes later 

a tired dog is a happy dog!  ecclesiastes 11:4 says, "Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant.  If they watch every cloud, they never harvest."  instead of putting things off, commit to them today!  we aren't even promised tomorrow! the reward will be sweet.

melanie & olive


  1. I hate running too... but love the feeling after I run. I'm happy Olet had fun too and its so RARE to see that puppy pooped! Excited for your new 5K plan!

  2. Good for you for starting to run again, and for coaching Olive along :) I always feel better after exercising, even if it doesn't always feel great during it!

  3. Thanks Rachel! I know, it's always worth it :)