thoughtful thursday.

Happy Thursday! There's a good thought that needs to be shared. I have spent the last 4 days out of town for work. My bag is sitting at the front door. My bag never sits there. It always comes upstairs with me, and it's unloaded asap. But I am exhausted, and I am about to take the quickest cat nap alive. Did you know that studies show that 20 minutes of sleep in the afternoon provides more rest than 20 minutes in the morning? So, shout out to you Mrs. Snooze Button x 4 (aka my dear sister, Courtney). If you are going to take an afternoon nap, it needs to be between 15-30 minutes. Any longer gets you into a deeper sleep where you enter the REM cycle -- this is where your visions of sugarplums occur -- and it's more difficult to wake up, and then you feel more tired than when you first closed your sweet little eyes. Prove it, you say? Ok, here.

Here's the thought for today:

So, in order to achieve great things this evening, I need to be enthusiastic. Which means I need to recharge my batteries now.

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