good news/bad news.

the good news is I'm alive.
the bad news is I lied.
I said I'd have all the pictures up by last week.
see pictures?
however...to my defense I have been going through some things.
God was twisting me in 7 different directions to see just how far He could stretch me.
was it fun?
am I learning something?

this weekend I have wedding festivities for one of my very best friends.

my sweet sister who is my for real BFF is stuck in bed recovering from surgery.
and while she was drugged up two days ago, she said "how come you haven't blogged?"
and it was so sweet and I felt so bad at the same time. and I hate letting her down.

so...I would like to tell you very much that Sunday I will play catch up.
but, let's aim for some time next week.

love you lots (whoever you are that reads this).
and in the meantime, meet Bianca
I stumbled across her on twitter.
so FB creeping --> blog creeping --> twitter creeping.
I'm a creep, but I don't care.

she is awesome and is a wonderful inspiration.

and I can't forget one important thing.
thoughtful thursday.
and in honor of cinco de mayo:

I give you 10 million kisses for slacking off on the blog.


something I've needed the past two weeks:

"be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord" - Psalms 31:24

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  1. We are now going to need 100 million besos. WHERE has your blogging gone!!