home goods.

on my recent trip to home goods,
my attempt at finding an adorable large white wall clock failed.
when i got rid of cable,
my cable box with the time was also evicted from the home.
so now it's apparently quite confusing
when sitting/standing/entering my living room.
who knew how stressful it could be to not have a clock in a room.
what did not fail however,
was my finding of unusual objects.

thermomoclock face?
i really don't get this.
this brings a whole new meaning to "c(l)ockeyed"
har har.

is this a trophy?
i don't know.
i like it.

for all you die-hard painters out there

in red.
i still don't get it...

this is so weird.
a book end that you can high-five

my dad really enjoys golfing.
but a half-man golfer in the house?
i don't even know if phil mickelson would like this.

andddd i left with a dog toy
that olive seems to care less about
because she can't tear it to shreds or bite it in 384729378 pieces.

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