the world lost a great thinker yesterday.
steve jobs, 
thank you for my mac,
and thank you for my iPhone.
with his passing,
i can't help but wonder if he knew Jesus.
i hope that his life was filled with knowing His love
as much as it was filled with knowing the world loved
his products.

so today i post this for thoughtful thursday:

i recently received some awesome news.
praise the Lord for His provision, 
and His promise.
but with that news, it's easy to start having doubts.
after reading my devotion today, 
i was reminded once again that although my circumstances may will change,
God's love  never will.
there's an entire Psalm devoted to this truth!
and with that love, 
comes every promise imaginable. 

so i think about my future.
i think about my uncertainty.
and then i think about the One certainty i know.
and all will be ok.

steve jobs,
you taught us to be persistent in times of fear.
you were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2004.
you had a liver transplant two years ago,
and you passed away yesterday.
talk about fighting until the end.

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