keep up your courage

i was trying to send an email with
the link to a yummy recipe to one of my best friends.
i copied that silly link at least 5 times.
every time i tried to paste it in my email window,
this verse would appear instead:

"so keep up your courage, men, for i have faith in God that it will happen just as He told you." - Acts 27:25

i thought my computer was messed up.
i stopped and read the verse after the 5th attempt.
i don't know where it came from. 
scratch that.
i do know who it came from.
 i copied it yesterday, and forgot to paste it somewhere.
but God was ready to paste it in my mind.

why do we doubt so much?
if we could take the fear out of everything,
life would make so much more sense.
regardless of my circumstances,
God is still sovereign.
and although I may doubt,
at the end of every single day, 
His ways will always prevail. 
and i look back and wonder,
"why was i even doubting at all?"
when i wonder what will happen
if i let go of control,
i have to remember:
it will happen just as He told me.


  1. God can be so persistent when He's ready for us to learn something. :) Loved this story :)