chasing the sun.

olive loves to lay in the front bedroom.
the sun pours in, and she soaks it up.

a few days ago, i happened to be walking by in the late afternoon.
i laughed when i saw this:

she was going to chase that sun to the very end.
she was determined to shove herself under the bed
to get the warmth it provided.
then i thought about it.
we are like that.
we desperately chase for something bright.
something warm.
something that gives us hope.
something that will make an uncomfortable situation manageable.
a relationship with Jesus is all of that.

i realized that, like my dog, i too chase the sun Son.
i long to face uncomfortable situations with Him.
to allow Him to show me how things are done when they don't quite make sense.
and i cling to Him when the darkness starts to set in.
because He is my only hope.
and He is everlasting and consistent.

"And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." 
- Matthew 28:20b 

and i love that He revealed this to me through my silly pup.

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