thoughtful thursday.

you know what's really cool about talking to God?
He gets you.
He knows exactly where you're at.
and He knows exactly where you're going to go.

the whole point of prayer is to cultivate your relationship with Him.
to learn to lean on Him.
and depend on Him.
whenever you are at your weakest,
and whenever you just need to praise Him.

i don't believe in coincidences.
because they just don't make sense.
and because i serve way too big of a God 
to believe that things just magically happen.
i think that a little fairy is a cute image,
and i understand why it's a popular Halloween costume,
but it isn't enough.

God is enough.

every day.
all the time.
to help you deal with whatever you've got going on.

so, it was no coincidence when i cried out for help today,
and opened my bible to exactly the page that He wanted me to read.
my study bible has some verses highlighted in pink, 
and this one was loud and clear:

"The spirit of the Lord will come upon you in power,
and you will prophesy with them;
and you will be changed into a different person." 
- 1 Samuel 10:6

i went to Him and asked Him to give me what I needed.
by taking that imaginary tear-off and presenting it to Him,
He gave me an answer.
His answer was perfect.
and His timing surpasses anything I could ever control or plan.

regardless of which road i take,
He will supply me with adequate power.
because He loves me enough to keep me standing tall,
and because He's just that great..


  1. oh my goodness, mel. this is exactly what I needed to hear today. thank you. thank you. (and i don't believe that it was a coincidence!) we serve an amazing god.

  2. i don't believe it either :) i'm so glad he helped me with the words for you to hear! xx