elf is my favorite movie.
like favorite favorite.
like i-watch-it-whenever-i feel-like-it-and-not-just-Christmas favorite.

buddy exhibits the joy that we should all have during Christmas and always. 
and i'm going to share a secret with you:
there's a very good chance that i am an actual elf.
1.  i love to sing at the top of my lungs
2. i love to smile
3. i love candy, candy cane, candy corn, and syrup 
(the 4 main food groups)
4. i like to give huge hugs
5. i loveee crafts
yep.  i'm an elf.

one thing that buddy loved to do was to decorate 
anywhere he could to help get people into high spirits for Christmas.
he made these amazing snowflakes and put them in Gimbel's:

if you haven't already figured it out,
i like to step outside of the box.
throw in a lil' pizzaz if you will.
i wanted my ordinary Christmas presents to be not-so-ordinary.
so, i made some snowflakes.
another example that i'm an elf.

i followed these 5 point snowflake instructions and got to work
after cutting and re-cutting, and cutting some more, 
i pressed that sucker between a hard book.
then i taped it on top of someone's gift:

the good news
- it's pretty
- it's unique
- it's fun

the bad news
- this one was my 3rd attempt
- it reminds me of a spider web

practice makes perfect!  off to make more.
i hope that you allow yourself to be a little more elf-like this Christmas
and always!