back the pack!

nathan, michael, cullen, and ryan 
after winning the silver medal in the 4x100m freestyle relay on sunday! 

cullen jones sat beside me at the beginning of my creative writing class at nc state.  he doesn't know this.  hi cullen!  he disappeared a few weeks later, and clearly he had über important olympic training to attend to!  i think we can all agree that he chose the better of the two options.  i applaud cullen in dedicating more time to perfecting his stroke over refining his imaginative writing abilities.  he quite possibly could be great at both!  

there was a lot more critique than i imagined there would be in that class.  we wrote stories then passed them around the classroom, only to be told how one would have preferred the story to end.  kind of defeats the purpose if you ask me!  but i did learn another way to artistically express myself.  

yay, cullen [and all the other beautiful men beside you]!  and yay, U-S-A!


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