lend me some sugar.

I have to bake muffins for church this morning. And I realized last night that I was out of several things that need to go in said muffins. One being brown sugar. What's a girl to do at midnight when she realizes she's out? Usually, the girl would jump out of bed either upon realization or o-dark-thirty (yes, this is my corny catch phrase from my mom that would entice me to roll my eyes). However, I decided to turn over a new leaf. That leaf is called making my own brown sugar. Maybe you think I'm crazy and you're laughing right now because it's so simple and you've done this thousands of times. But I was so very happy buying that baggie of brown sugar for quite some time now.

How to:

I needed 2 cups of brown sugar. So I took 2 cups of sugar

Then 2 tablespoons of molasses

Then stir stir stir. And keep stirring until you see no lumps.

Yay! Then add to recipe (I made yummy applesauce spice muffins). It tasted the same, so I think I'm sold. That was quick, easy and free!

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