the name of this post could mean so many things.
for instance, I was given the choice of chewing a goat.
but, I learned how to say "vegetarian" in Swahili and it's mla mboga.
the Kenyans look at me with very confused faces saying, "you eat vegetables?"
they can't believe it's a choice!

it's also the way George (the head of our group from Kenya who now lives in NC)
says "Tuesday"
we all had a great laugh at this, and we think he has it down now.

and it's Tuesday!
we have been so blessed while we've been here.
we came to serve, yet we have been served.
we came to give joy, yet we have been given joy.
we came to love, yet we've been given love.

this experience has been extremely overwhelming,
and we aren't even half-way through yet!

saturday was our first day to the orphanage!
and I passed out the mustaches!
it was so much fun to see the kids come in swarms in search of one.
they erupted in laughter upon seeing someone else with one on.
it was incredible to see the joy that these little ones experienced with
something so simple.
best $5 purchase ever

on Sunday, we went to two churches
one that reminded me of church back home!
they had:
life groups
teams for ushering
& amazing praise & worship!
and they sang
"Mighty to Save" as their second song!
we went crazy!

the second service we went to was at the orphanage.
we were greeted as we walked in with choreographed dancing and singing.
there were little Ushers and Chris Browns in the group
it was unbelievable.
I got a video of the kids singing, but it won't upload with the internet here.
I'll have to post it when I get back

we are going on safari in two days and we are all so excited.
it's a 5 hour drive from here to Masai Mara,
so we are scheduled to leave at 6am.
however...time here is not as big of a priority as it is in the US.
which is 100% ok with me.
when we hear "our ride will be here in 15 minutes,"
we know that it could be anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours.
so we have been saying "our ride will be here soon."
we've heard that we should NOT bring food with us because
the baboons will stampede us!
this is NOT a joke!
they are apparently extremely mean and maniacal, and will grab anything they see
that hangs off your body!

we've had an incredible experience so far,
and we know that our trip has only just begun.
we have been thrown curveballs in this journey so far,
but by the grace of God,
we are blessed to be healthy, safe, and right where He wants us to be.

Love you all!

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