crazy God.

fall of 2005, I went from my little box at NCSU
to the University of Hawaii for the National Student Exchange program.
I had the privilege of living in a tropical paradise, while studying a semester of
school, and paying their in state tuition.
before I left, I exchanged emails with a cute girl from UNCW.
quickly, we became very good friends.
it was like a little piece of home had traveled that long distance with us.

here we are in september 2005

after that fall, we kept up via emails, phone calls, texts (well...that was several years later ;))
and visits to one another.

this april, it had been over a year since seeing each other last & we decided to meet for coffee.
every time we sit down together, it's uncanny to see how God has ordained this friendship.
while catching up, I pulled up my sleeve and showed her my new tattoo,
explaining what it meant.
"Melanie...," Kelly said, "I got one TOO!"
"WHAT!" I screamed.
she stuck her foot over to my side of the table, showing me "agape" beautifully
printed across her foot.

we talked some more and then discussed our summer plans.
"Well, I'm going to Kenya," she said.
"ME TOO!" I said
[if you haven't realized this already, I get excited over things very easily]
talking more, we realized that we will be on the same continent,
with a completely different group and purpose,
at the same time.
God. you are the craziest.
we understand that You need us to be together.

she is going on a medical missions trip in Nairobi June 25-July 20.
you can keep up with her here
Kelly is one of the most selfless people I have ever met.
her huge heart is evident upon meeting her and seeing her beautiful smile.
she is such a blessing to me
with her words of encouragement and counseling,
it's clear to see Him speaking to me through her.

I am overjoyed to see what that crazy guy is gonna do in each of our lives
while we're there, and when we come back.

“In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” Prov 16:9

oh, ps: I leave for Kenya in 2 days.
no big deal.

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  1. okay melanie, when you told me to read your blog i had no idea i would need tissues to be able to see words through my tears :) look at that picture! i love how God's mysterious ways continue to bring two kindred spirits together in so many awesome ways--love you!