this time tomorrow I will [hopefully] be in the air and on my way to London.
I'm saying hopefully because the flight tonight is delayed for 135 minutes.

it's awesome to look back on the events that brought me here.
this day snuck up on me quicker than I imagined it would,
and I can't help but wonder if I'm prepared.

what if I forget my underwear?
yes, I said it.
while weird, I went to visit my friend Memorial weekend,
and my grandmother the following weekend,
and this happened.
seriously? who forgets that?
I was able to work it out for two days, but what about two weeks? where would I go if I forgot it?
does Kenya have a Target?
ok, obviously the answer to that question is no.
what if I forgot my medicine? or my bug spray? or my passport?

as I run through my packing list in my head, on my computer, and written down
[yes, I may or may not have a slight case of ADD that requires me to have more than one list]
I pause and hear, "I am all you need".

Satan is poking at me
poke poke poke [as my sister would say]
and trying to steal my joy to divert my attention away from this amazing path God has put me on.
and then peace consumes me.
because if I do forget any one of those things, He will provide a detour.
and His detour is way better than my scheduled itinerary.

because with or without American underwear [African underwear could be my souvenir!]
but NOT with or without passport,
I will be serving for Him, in His way, on His time!

talk to you in Kenya :)

"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." - 1 Peter 5:7

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