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melanie & olive


thoughtful thursday.

in december, my friend jamie and i went to wine & design in raleigh.  i was so excited when i saw this tree on their calendar.  even though this date very clearly stated that it was "full," i called and told the girl on the phone that i had to paint that tree, that i had been wanting to paint it for a while.  and i may or may not have thrown in there that i was moving in a few days.  yep, that's how bad i wanted it.  i was playing the sympathy card.  thankfully, she let me finagle two more seats in. when she and i were almost finished, she commented that mine looked sort of like an olive tree.  we actually both had no idea at the time what an olive tree looked like, but i think the black circle-ovals on the limbs encouraged her to say that.


i just found this song this morning and ohmygosh it's amazing.  i haven't heard of jesus culture before today, but they are incredible.  i hope you enjoy it as much as i did!


thoughtful thursday.


i dislike running.  mostly because i am not good at it.  i used to run, but  s l o w l y  i tapered off.  school, work, life, etc.  i was fine walking with olive.  she sniffed around and kept a look out for the squirrels, i people-watched.  everyone was happy.  it wasn't until recently that i ran into a problem: almost all of my friends run.  i want to be like hang out/run with them.  i decided that once the deathly-hot summer passed, i would start up and get moving.